Ages 18-25 (unmarried)

Graduation from high school marks a crucial point in your life. You are suddenly responsible for so many of your own choices and those choices now have an even bigger impact on your future.

Where will I go to school?

What do I want to do with my life?

What ministry is God calling me to?

It is a time filled with so many questions.

NCAC Hyphen ministry is here for you. This is a ministry just for unmarried 18-30 year olds. In a time that can feel lonely and full of uncertainty, we will help you to find your path, make connections, enhance your walk with God, and help you identify the passion that God has instilled within you to work in His Kingdom.

Hyphen 2022 Calendar of Events

2/25 – Game Night

4/9 – Bible Jeopardy

5/29 – Pastor Connection Fellowship

6/12-6/13 – Amusement Park (TBA)

8/5 – Escape Room

10/15 – Bonfire

11/11 – Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

11/27 – Pastor Connection Fellowship

Contact: Hyphen